1st Kings Hill GB


What is The Girls' Brigade (GB)?

The Girls' Brigade is a Uniformed world wide Christian youth movement primarily for girls and young women of every background, ability and culture It provides outreach opportunities for the church into the local community. GB seeks to enable girls and young women to develop in confidence, ability, friendship and citizenship, and is committed to nurturing the unique value of every girl in its care.


What does GB Provide?

A lively week night setting for an extensive programme of activities for girls in our local community. It also provided activities during the year that are other than the usual week night ie Camps, Events with other GB companies in the area (District), and Outings.

Badgework is specifically designed for the appropriate age group and includes Art and crafts, Drama, Games, Trips and much more.


Age Range

GB Caters for girls from 4yrs old (Term they start school) upwards,

Explorers – n:vestigate 4 1/2 – 8yrs

Juniors – n:gage 8yrs – 11yrs

Seniors – n:counta 11yrs – 14yrs

Brigaders- n:spire 14yrs +